Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Young Cheetah Sets Chase

1st December 2011

With another incredible sunrise greeting the early rises, I find myself thinking about the year up to now. The sightings at Nambiti have been on the top end of spectacular and this week is by no means the exception.

We had a sighting on the western plains area of the reserve and right in front of the vehicle. It was the youngest of our cheetah right in front of the game viewer giving chase to a Duiker through the grass. His tail spinning from one side to the other as he accelerated closer, the young male moving fast to win his prize. Unfortunately for the Cheetah and fortunately for the Duiker a Serval was also hunting the same area. Distracted and very curious the young Cheetah stopped taking the chance to focus his intentions on the Serval.  The Duiker now nowhere to be seen obviously fled the scene. Needless to say the Serval now felt highly threatened and hissed and stomped with his from legs making it clear to the Cheetah he was not in the mood for anything. After about four minutes the Cheetah lost interest thus giving the Serval the chance to make haste.

This was a very rare and interesting sighting for all of us and a first in my book anyway.  A special moment in time here for the Springbok guests and guides; one that will be remembered for a long time to come.

So long - till we meet on the plains of Nambiti …
The Springbok Lodge Rangers ~ Lee, David and Ruan