Friday, August 10, 2012

July at The Springbok Lodge

Howdy happy campers, our South African winter season is in full swing here at Nambiti Reserve and the grasses are all complimenting the brown savanna type earth tones as one would see in the likes of the National Geographic books. All this makes you feel like you in a different world out here. To coin a well-known phrase: “I’m loving it!”

The fire breaks are midway and the outstanding efforts of all who live and work here have saved us from some potentially disastrous runaway fires in the reserve the last month. I can’t wait until the green grasses start pushing thru which im sure will be any day now.
One of the things that I just love about Nambiti Reserve is that every day of the year holds something special.

Regular sightings of the four lion cubs are on the increase - which is great. They are all so cute and very inquisitive.

Aren’t the seasons of Nambiti comparable to our pride with cubs?
They are all different, but special in their own way.

Till we meet on the plains of Nambiti
The Springbok Lodge Rangers ~ Lee, Ruan, Stephanie and Nicole