Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Winters Here !

Hello everyone

As winter closes in and the first frosts appear in the mornings you would expect the animals to be harder to find, however that’s not the case. The grass gets shorter in winter this makes spotting the animals a bit easier than in summer and provides great photographic opportunities. The Elephants have been spending a lot of time close to the lodge over the past week and there are a number of new additions to the herd.

There have been good sightings of lions including the cubs that were born last year may, and our grumpy buffalo are regularly seen as well as the ever inquisitive cheetahs that have been making kills close to the lodge. Other interesting and rare sightings include aardwolf, serval, porcupine and secretary bird.

Warm regards until we next meet on the plains of Nambiti.

The Rangers