Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lions cheetahs and Buffalo

We headed out for our morning game drive on the 24th. None of us expecting the action packed sightings awaiting us…
We left the Lodge and headed up to Bass Dam, as I’d heard our young “lone” Lioness
(aka Trashcan) had made a kill there the night before. On the way there I caught a brief glimpse of a Lioness walking along the D46 fence line. I headed towards the fence line trying to relocate on her, but she gave us the slip in the long grass. Just as we arrived at the Woodlands Gate we bumped into a 2nd Lioness.  This was one of the older Lioness’s, and she was clearly NOT a happy cat. She was displaying scent marking and flicking her tail and after passing us she headed off on a mission in the direction of Trashcan.
One of the other Rangers followed up on the Lioness and the older Lioness was clearly chasing Trashcan.

We headed back towards Bass Dam where we saw the herd of Buffalo happily grazing. It wasn’t long before the 2 lioness’s passed them along the fence-line. The Buffalo had calves with them and will not tolerate any predators close by and so they ganged up and took off after the 2 Lioness chasing them off for 100m or so.

We then heard that there were some Cheetah close by at “Little Serengeti” so we drove up northward to try locate them.  As we got to the fence line, we saw Trashcan along the fence coming toward us. We stopped to watch her next move.
She popped out of the tall grass and turned towards us and started heading back south. towards the dam. We could see she had been in a fight - there was a bleeding wound on her bum. As “Trashcan” passed us the 3 Cheetah boys saw her and took off like a bolt of lightning.
Seconds later the older Lioness popped out of the grass.  She was absolutely furious. She didn’t know who to chase. The Cheetahs or Trashcan…??
She paced up and down a few times and then started roaring then turned to the north and headed off.
Clearly Trashcan and the older female had had a fight over the Zebra carcass from the night before and although they both looked well fed they were both exhausted from the fight.

The rest of the drive was pale in comparison to the first action packed hour and half of lions cheetahs and Buffalo. And our drive ended the drive with a lovely drinks stop at Homestead dam.