Sunday, February 13, 2011

Babies everywhere

Ranger Elize (Springbok lodge) and 4 guests headed out on the morning drive, looking for Rhino. This drive sure turned out to tug on the heart strings of anyone with a maternal soft spot.
We first came across a Kudu cow with a young calf busy suckling milk. The Kudu patiently kept a sharp eye out for any predators while letting her calf suckle. (Happily wagging its tail.) 

Half way through the drive we came across a fantastic crash of 5 Rhino in total.
3x Adults, 1x sub adult and a tiny calf. Being only a couple months old its horn has just started developing, and is just visible as a tiny bump on its snout. The calf is one of 2 new Rhino calves born in 2010. And we have heard via the bushveld telegraph that the first 2011 rhino calf has been born in the last week.!!
Having such a young calf with them, the mother was a little weary of our presence, so we left them to graze in peace.

Heading off for our morning coffee break we saw a couple of tiny Gemsbok calves (oryx). At the sight of these two little fluffy Cherubs all my guests reacted in unison with the traditional “Aaawww sweeet”