Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lion kill

On Thursday the 17th Feb. Ranger Elize headed out on an afternoon game drive with 2 guests. We were heading off to follow up on a lion male and female that had been spotted up in the middle of the reserve. Being such a hot day I decided to pass by a couple waterholes on the way to see if we could find some game having an afternoon drink. As we approached Terrapin Bay, My guests spotted something in the water. Upon closer inspection we saw it was a Waterbuck Bull standing chest deep in the water, trying to cool off. He was quite relaxed, standing there ruminating (re-chewing his cud). Standing in the water like that was also probably an attempt to rid himself of ticks and other external parasites by drowning them.
After about 5 minutes or so he slowly strolled off to the bank, where he started grazing

We then headed off to the middle of the reserve where the lion were spotted. Another lodge had planned a wedding ceremony that afternoon, and the lions just so happened to have made a kill 300 meters from the ceremony venue!!
We Found the Male lion first, lazily sleeping in the long grass after a good Wildebeest lunch. From there we could hear chomping and gnawing sounds, so we drove in closer to find the lioness still feeding. Although she was partially obscured by the long grass, It was still really a fantastic sighting.